All the governors and associate members of St Philip’s CE Primary School listed below have signed the Register of Personal, Pecuniary or Business Interests.

Governing Body

Governors 2017 - 2018
Governors 2016 - 2017
Pecuniary Interests
Role Name Term of Office
Chair of GovernorsDoris Eaton9th Jun 2014 - 8th Jun 2018
Foundation GovernorKate Ogden24th Feb 2017 - 26th Mar 2021
Foundation GovernorGareth Robinson10th Oct 2016 - 9th Oct 2020
Foundation GovernorKaren Schofield22nd May 2016 - 21st May 2020
Foundation GovernorJeremy Wisdom6th Dec 2017 - 5th Dec 2021
Parent GovernorAmanda Gleave14th May 2014 - 13th May 2018
Parent GovernorRebecca Harrison26th May 2017 - 27th May 2021
Local Authority GovernorCllr Peter Dobbs15th Dec 2016 - 14th Dec 2020
Staff GovernorPaul Steadman31st Jan 2018 - 31st Jan 2022
HeadteacherJulia Kinch1st Sept 2017 (new appointment)
Role Name Term of Office
HeadteacherHazel Brady16th Apr 2015 - 31st Aug 2017 (retired)
Foundation GovernorNia Faulder7th Feb 2015 - 21st May 2017 (resigned)
Foundation GovernorAnn Rose20th May 2016 - 11th Oct 2017 (resigned)
Co-opted Governor Jessica Symons 24th Nov 2015 - 31st Jan 2018 (resigned)
Name Appointed By Pecuniary Interests
Doris EatonGoverning BodyChurch Warden at St Philip’s Church / Chapel Street Community Arts Committee
Kate OgdenGoverning BodyNone
Gareth RobinsonN/ARector at St Philip’s Church / Parent of a child in school
Karen SchofieldGoverning BodyNone
Jeremy WisdomGoverning BodyNone
Amanda GleaveParentsRunning of the After-school Club “Care4Kids” (School Staff) / Barrow Street Community Committee Member
Rebecca HarrisonParentsNone
Cllr. Peter DobbsGoverning BodyLocal Councillor at Ordsall Ward; member of committees / Freelance costume designer for TV companies / Landlord (out of authority) / Vice chair of Governors at Primrose Hill Primary School / Director at Ordsall Community Arts / Housing Trustee and Distributor at Booths Charities / Trustee at Salfordian Trust / Member of Friends of the Earth charity and BectaTrade Union
Paul SteadmanStaffNone
Jessica SymonsGoverning BodyNone
Julia KinchN/AInvolvement with Bolton Symphony and Chamber Orchestras (charitable status)

Governor Attendance at Meetings

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Full Governing Body Meetings 2016/17

Name Governor Type 10.10.16 6.2.17 22.5.17
Jessica SymonsCo-OptedAttendedAttendedAttended
Doris EatonFoundationAttendedApologies AcceptedAttended
Kate OgdenFoundationAttendedAttendedAttended
Nia FaulderFoundationAttended (Chair)Apologies AcceptedAttended
Ann RoseFoundationNo Apologies SentNo Apologies SentAttended
Karen SchofieldFoundationAttendedAttendedAttended
Hazel BradyHeadteacherAttendedAttendedAttended
Peter DobbsAuthorityNo Apologies SentAttendedAttended
Amanda GleaveParentAttendedAttendedAttended
Paul SteadmanStaffAttendedAttendedAttended
Gareth RobinsonFoundationAttendedAttendedAttended

Pastoral Committee 2016/17

Name Governor Type 23.11.16 1.3.17 4.5.17
Cllr. Peter DobbsLocal AuthorityApologies AcceptedApologies AcceptedAttended
Jessica SymonsCo-optedAttendedAttendedAttended
Nia FaulderFoundationApologies AcceptedApologies AcceptedAttended
Hazel BradyHeadteacherAttendedAttendedAttended
Amanda GleaveParentAttendedAttendedAttended
Paul SteadmanStaffAttendedAttendedAttended

School Effectiveness Committee 2016/17

Name Governor Type 28.7.16 24.3.17 17.5.17
Doris EatonFoundationAttendedApologies AcceptedAttended
Kate OgdenFoundationAttendedAttendedAttended
Ann RoseFoundationApologies AcceptedAttendedAttended
Hazel BradyHeadteacherAttendedAttendedAttended
Amanda GleaveParentAttendedAttendedAttended

Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee 2016/17

Name Governor Type 24.9.16 7.12.16 24.3.17
Jessica SymonsCo-optedApologies AcceptedAttendedApologies Accepted
Kate OgdenFoundationAttendedAttendedAttended
Hazel BradyHeadteacherAttendedAttendedAttended
Doris EatonFoundationApologies AcceptedAttendedAttended
Amanda GleaveParentAttendedApologies AcceptedAttended

Full Governing Body Meetings 2017/18

Name Governor Type 11.10.17 6.12.17 21.1.18
Doris EatonFoundationAttendedAttendedApologies Accepted
Kate OgdenFoundationAttendedAttended Attended
Gareth RobinsonFoundationAttendedAttendedAttended
Karen SchofieldFoundationAttendedAttendedAttended
Jessica SymonsCo-optedAttendedAttended Resigned
Amanda GleaveParentAttendedAttendedAttended
Rebecca HarrisonParentAttendedAttended Attended
Julia KinchHeadteacherAttendedAttendedAttended
Paul SteadmanStaffAttendedAttendedAttended
Peter DobbsLocal AuthorityAttendedAttendedAttended
Jeremy WisdomFoundationObserverAttended Attended
Beverley JacksonDeputy HeadteacherObserver-Observer

Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee 2017/18

Name Governor Type 22.11.17 7.3.18 27.6.18
Cllr Peter DobbsLocal AuthorityApologies acceptedApologies accepted
Jessica SymonsCo-optedAttended--
Kate OgdenFoundationApologies acceptedAttended
Julia KinchHeadteacherAttendedApologies accepted
Doris EatonFoundationAttendedAttended
Karen SchofieldFoundationAttendedAttended
Debbie LewisSchool Business Manager Apologies acceptedAttended
Jeremy Wisdom Foundation - Attended

Full Governing Board Meetings 2017/18 (cont)

Name Governor Type 14.3.18 9.5.18 4.7.18
Doris Eaton Foundation (Chair of Governors Apologies accepted
Kate OgdenFoundation (Vice Chair of Governors) Attended (chair)
Gareth Robinson Foundation Attended
Karen Schofied Foundation Attended
Amanda Gleave Parent Attended
Rebecca Harrison Parent Attended
Julia Kinch Headteacher Attended
Paul Steadman Staff Attended
Peter Dobbs Local Authority Attended
Jeremy Wisdom Foundation Attended
Beverley Jackson Observer Observer