Years 5 and 6 Home Learning

This page provides links to a range of activities. There is a quick link to Google Classroom, where your child's classteacher is adding work and activities for you to complete. 

Your child's teacher will respond to work set regularly but this may not be daily. They will set a date for work to be completed and then you will receive a response. 

Links to other resources can be found on the Learning At Home Page - you can click on the link on the left hand side of this page. 

Joe Wicks - Daily Workout for Kids: 9:00am Monday 23rd March onwards

Learning from Home – Year 6

Keep reading! 

Look out for online stories.  There are currently lots of stories being read aloud by celebrities and authors.  You can also search for stories to listen to.

Keep writing! 

Keep a diary or write messages and letters.  BBC Bitesize has some engaging learner guides and clips to help with story writing.

Keep adding…and subtracting, multiplying, dividing…

Help stick to a budget when shopping by researching and calculating costs.  Look out for deals where you can calculate percentages.

Meanwhile, there are some fun games that will keep your brain ticking at Maths Zone.

Keep being curious!

The Scouts have provided ideas for a wide range of activities across the curriculum, as well as life skills.

There is a whole world of learning to be found at BBC Bitesize - why not browse and choose something that interests you. 

Can you find out more about The Titanic?  Or Arctic Exploration?  What about World War 2?  Make a fact file about any subject that interests you.

Premier League Primary Stars has a variety of football themed activities available for free home learning. 

And finally…don’t forget Study Ladder where there are lots of activities for you get stuck into!