Vision Statement

We are a:

Spiritual, Inclusive, Learning Community

Use the drop down menus below to view information about each area of our vision statement:

Spiritual Community

  • We celebrate our Christian foundation of love and goodwill to all.
  • We connect with the church and honour all our beliefs and cultures.
  • We encourage curiosity in life and respect towards others.
  • We model positive relationships based on love and respect for each other.

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Inclusive Community

  • We embrace the diversity of the school community and the uniqueness of every person within it.
  • We are welcoming and supportive with high ambition for all pupils.
  • We use inclusive approaches to support the progress of all our children with barriers to learning.
  • We provide opportunities to equip all our children for life to be responsible citizens in and out of school.

Learning Community

  • Children will be literate, numerate and articulate; achieving their own academic success and preparing them for the next stages of their learning journey.
  • Children will be challenged at all levels so they make progress from their starting points.
  • The curriculum will be contextualised and relevant to each child.
  • All staff will follow programmes of continuing professional and career development.