At St Philip’s we follow the National Curriculum and link it together with key skills that we should know in each year and in each subject. 

By clicking on the subject links below, you can find out more about the curriculum and what is being taught in each year group. If you require paper copies, please come to the school office, where copies can be made for you.

Our curriculum intent: 

Our intent is to create active learners who can reflect, question, wonder, think, connect, be self-aware and be resilient. We intend to provide opportunities for our children to build knowledge, make meaning and apply understanding across a range of learning experiences.

As an increasingly diverse school, the promotion of acceptance and inclusion underpins our curriculum, whilst maintaining our strong Christian values and ethos.

Broad and Balanced:

We encourage the staff to plan activities that support the children to experience the curriculum at first-hand.

These experiences include:

  • Worship in church
  • Local church leaders in school
  • Visitors in school; including science workshops, artists and historical visitors
  • A range of After School Clubs – including Ukelele, Choir, Sports, Art etc.
  • Trips to museums and galleries
  • Local visits to understand the local area and how it is developing
  • Working with local community groups such as Chapel Street Community Arts and Islington Mill
  • Seasonal experiences; e.g., Christmas and Easter activities
  • Residential trips to Lledr 

Keeping Parents Informed:

Parents are kept informed about what their child is learning through Parent meetings and regular updates on the school website which highlight what is being taught and any suggested support that can be given.

Use the drop down menus below to view information about each area of our curriculum:


We deliver English through Grammar and Punctuation lessons, reading lessons and writing lessons that link closely to topic work.



We follow the Blackburn Diocese programme of Study “Questful RE” which links with “Understanding Christianity” as recommended by Manchester Diocese.


We follow the Learning Challenge Curriculum to support our teaching of Science and ensure that children have a balanced approach which encourages exploration and scientific investigation alongside specific content.





Art & Design

Design & Technology



PSHE incl. Health and Relationships

Come and read about our PSHE curriculum which now includes the Health and Relationships curriculum, which will be statutory from September 2020. 

Learning Challenge Curriculum

Curriculum Pie Chart

We follow the Learning Challenge Curriculum to deliver other curriculum areas – encouraging the children to ask questions and think around topics. Children have the opportunity to research their own ideas where appropriate, produce writing that links to the curriculum and go on trips and visits that encourage the children to experience the curriculum at first-hand.

Principles of the Learning Challenge Curriculum:

In using this curriculum, we endeavour to encourage the children to develop skills that take them beyond the curriculum – to support them in the future.

We want our children to be prepared with skills that will support them as they move into the next stages of their education and onwards into the workplace.

An overview of how these skills are developed in each year group can be found in “Empowering Learners”.