Use the drop down menu below to see the names of St Philip’s staff.

We currently have 4 staff who are Union Officials.

Executive Headteacher and Head of School

  • Miss Kinch Miss Kinch

    Miss Kinch
    Executive Headteacher

  • Ms Jackson Ms Jackson

    Ms Jackson
    Head of School

Teaching Staff

  • Mr Newbould Mr Newbould

    Mr Newbould

  • Mrs Abbott Mrs Abbott

    Mrs Abbott
    Nursery Teacher

  • Mrs Taylor Mrs Taylor

    Mrs Taylor
    Phase 1 Lead and Reception Teacher

  • Ms Brawley Ms Brawley

    Ms Brawley
    Year 1 Teacher

  • Miss Davis Miss Davis

    Miss Davis
    Year 2 Teacher

  • Mrs Morris Mrs Morris

    Mrs Morris
    Phase 2 Lead and Year 3 Teacher

  • Mrs Jordan Mrs Jordan

    Mrs Jordan
    Year 4 Teacher

  • Mr Davies Mr Davies

    Mr Davies
    Year 5 Teacher

  • Mrs Marcinkus-Wright Mrs Marcinkus-Wright

    Mrs Marcinkus-Wright
    Year 6 Teacher

  • Image not available for Miss  Green Miss  Green

    Miss Green
    Year 3 Teacher

  • Mrs Rudge Mrs Rudge

    Mrs Rudge
    Language Resource Teacher/SENCO

  • Miss Sitiwatjana Miss Sitiwatjana

    Miss Sitiwatjana
    Language Resource Teacher

Support Staff

  • Mrs Lewis Mrs Lewis

    Mrs Lewis
    Business Manager

  • Mr Steadman Mr Steadman

    Mr Steadman
    Child and Family Support Officer

  • Mrs Turner Mrs Turner

    Mrs Turner
    Language Resource NNEB

  • Miss Preston Miss Preston

    Miss Preston
    Language Resource Teaching Assistant

  • Image not available for Miss M Ellis Miss M Ellis

    Miss M Ellis
    Admin Assistant

  • Mrs Weldon Mrs Weldon

    Mrs Weldon

  • Mrs Quinn Mrs Quinn

    Mrs Quinn
    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Williams Miss Williams

    Miss Williams
    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Hameed Mrs Hameed

    Mrs Hameed
    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Green Mrs Green

    Mrs Green
    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Steele Miss Steele

    Miss Steele
    Teaching Assistant

  • Mr Evans Mr Evans

    Mr Evans
    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Gorvett Miss Gorvett

    Miss Gorvett
    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Heaney Miss Heaney

    Miss Heaney
    Site Officer

  • Miss Rogers Miss Rogers

    Miss Rogers
    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Pantellaro Miss Pantellaro

    Miss Pantellaro
    Teaching Assistant

  • Mr Hayward Mr Hayward

    Mr Hayward
    Sport HLTA

  • Mr Armstrong Mr Armstrong

    Mr Armstrong
    PE Support

  • Miss Callaghan Miss Callaghan

    Miss Callaghan
    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Holmes Mrs Holmes

    Mrs Holmes
    Catering Staff

  • Ms Callaghan Ms Callaghan

    Ms Callaghan
    Lunchtime Support

  • Miss Ellis Miss Ellis

    Miss Ellis
    Lunchtime Support and Cleaner

  • Miss Foster Miss Foster

    Miss Foster
    Lunchtime Support and Cleaner

  • Image not available for Ms Salih Ms Salih

    Ms Salih
    Lunchtime Support and Cleaner

  • Image not available for Ms V Heaney Ms V Heaney

    Ms V Heaney
    Lunchtime Support/Cleaner