Early Years Home Learning

Here are some useful ideas for supporting your children if they are in EYFS...

Whilst at home there are many things you can be doing to support your child’s learning.


Reading is still on the top of our agenda and we still follow our school motto, 'If you can read, you can do anything!' 


This link will let you access free books online to support your child with their reading. They will be able to use their phonic knowledge to sound the word out (segment) and put it back together to read (blend). 

Reading each day with your child will enhance their vocabulary and their understanding. There are many free books available online to read with your child- I have attached some links for you to browse.





Watching Alphablocks will encourage your child with their letter recognition and blending.


Read Write Inc have put some information to support you whilst you are at home. I have attached the link for you to browse the activities.



Around the house you could use objects to hide and use different positional language e.g. the car is under the chair, the shoes are next to the door.

Using items around the house to count or solve problems e.g. I need 4 forks for us all to eat, but I only have 3. How many more do I need?

Watching Numberblocks will help your child with their Maths.



Encourage your child to write either simple words or simple sentences using their phonics.

Can they write about what they have done during the day?

Encourage the correct formation of letters and holding a pencil to make marks.

Can they begin to write or think of their own story?

Other activities:

Board games are a great way to promote language, Maths and turn taking.

Playing cards e.g. ‘snap’ or ‘go fish.’

Drawing- drawing with Rob on Youtube is a great channel.


There will be daily challenges on tapestry to complete and more information will be sent out about live zoom lessons.

Thank you for your continued support. Please upload anything you complete on to tapestry for me to have a look. I cannot wait to see them all.