Sport & PE Provision

PE Provision

Mr Hayward is the PE lead as an HLTA which is part funded by the sports premium grant. He continues to work hard to maintain high quality teaching in PE lessons and provide pupils with a range of new activities to try. He has organised wrestling lessons and competitions, TAG rugby coaching and activities and is keen to introduce children to new sports, including American Football, Scooters, Fencing and Wrestling.  Mr Hayward runs the afterschool sports clubs at school and has worked hard to increase the numbers that attend.  Mr Hayward continues to work hard to raise the profile of PE and physical activity in school and with our EIP cluster group of schools. 


Currently, 87% of our upper key stage 2 pupils can pass the national curriculum standard for swimming.

87% of our year 6 pupils can competently, confidently and proficiently swim over a distance of at least 25 metres.

87% of our year 6 pupils can use a range of strokes effectively.

91% of our year 6 pupils can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

This year, Years 3 and 4 will be going swimming, starting with Year 4 on Friday mornings until February when it will change to Year 3 pupils. 

Using some of our sport premium budget, we have also planned for upper key stage 2 pupils to have extra swimming lessons. This will provide the pupils with the opportunity to reach the national curriculum standard and to improve the percentage of pupils able to swim 25 metres by the time they leave school. These extra sessions will take place in the Summer Term. 

Due to the pandemic - we were unable to run the booster swimming sessions for Upper Key Stage 2. These will resume in June 2022. 

PE Timetable:

Children should wear their PE kit.  Please ensure it is the correct kit

Monday:  Year 5

Tuesday:  Reception; Year 2

Wednesday:  Nursery: Year 4   

Thursday:  Year 3

Friday:  Year 1 and Year 6; Year 4 Swimming

Playtime Equipment:

The SNUGG play equipment is used daily as part of breaktime and dinner time activities. Children play creatively with the equipment supported by adults in lots of different ways and it is super to see the way that they work together to develop their own ideas. We plan to continue adding to the equipment so that children can develop their own games and activities using the equipment.

The Playspace, nicknamed The Tree House by the children is our newest addition to the provision. Children are able to develop activities and play games. The children are able to continue to develop their skills of balance and develop a range of movements to move around the equipment. The Playspace has been supported by SALBOY and DOMIS who helped to fund this amazing new space. 

The Peace Garden has now been developed to include gym and exercise equipment. This is timetabled for use at breaktimes, lunchtimes and as part of any additional fitness sessions. Sports Premium was used to fund this additional facility. 

Older children can play football and basketball on the TINGA as well as use the scooters at lunchtimes. We are always looking for ways to make their playtimes and lunchtimes active!