Learning at Home

The best support a parent can give to their child is to take an interest in their school life. Practising reading by being heard every night always makes an impact on how quickly they learn to read in
school. It is also important to channel children’s energy into activities such as swimming, visiting
places of interest and taking part in out of school activities to keep them happy, healthy and

At St Philip’s we will ensure:

  1. Nursery children can take part in shared reading as their first experience of homework.
  2. Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils have a reading book and a library book to read at home.
  3. Homework will be set according to a child’s ability and we will not set homework they do not
    know how to do.
  4. Children will have all the resources they need to carry out their homework.

Towards the end of their time with us Year 6 are expected to take extra English and Maths to work
on at home during the week. This is designed to help prepare them for secondary school.

1-2-1 sessions are coordinated by the school team and provide additional lessons to meet specific needs of children. Your child may be invited to a 6 week course which is run outside of the school day by staff at school.

Please find a link to the Salford Libraries website on the left. This gives you information about activities and services that you and your families can access to help you when you are working with your child at home. 


As you may be aware, children can access a range of social media and apps. It is important to remember that social media has age restrictions and that software developers are constantly changing and updating their apps.

If your child has a social media account, please follow the guidance on the age restrictions. Please also make sure that the privacy settings are high and you know who children are in contact or friends with. Please report anything that you find and talk to your children about how to keep themselves safe online – particularly talking to people they don’t know.

We would also like to make you aware of the latest changes with regards to Snapchat – where children’s locations can be identified. Please read the following leaflet about the changes and how you can ensure you and your children are safe online. You can download this leaflet or collect a hard copy from the school office.