Years 1 and 2 Home Learning

This page provides links to a range of activities for Phonics, Maths, Spoken language and other suitable activities.

Links to other resources can be found on the Learning At Home Page - you can click on the link on the left hand side of this page. 

A message from ReadWrite Inc: 

RWI Phonics lessons at home from Monday 23rd March We’re scheduling free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home; three short Speed Sound lessons with one of our trainers every day for the next two weeks. Films will only be available at the times below:

Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm

Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm

Note: films are streamed live and won’t be available at other times.

Joe Wicks - Daily Workout for Kids: 9:00am Monday 23rd March onwards

You can find this information, including pictures, in the links on this page (Weekly Overview).  There are also some more links with things for you to do on the Overview. 

Please feel free to send me pictures of your child working on the various practical activities, including their finished products, you may also take photographs of any written work and email me these, I would love to read your wonderful writing. 

Remember you do not need to print work sheets simply write your response in the yellow book provide or tell an adult your answer/idea and explain your thinking.

Love and virtual hugs

Once these tasks have been completed please work through your child’s home learning pack for further activities.

                                       Mail to: 

**Please do not worry about printing off your activities. You can either copy them into your home learning book, or just write down the answers if this is easier for you. **

Love and virtual hugs

Mrs Taylor and Miss Williams xxxx


Year 1. Week Commencing 13.7.2020

Hello Year 1.  It is the last week of the summer term and this year has certainly been different. 


Phonics and reading: Practise the set 2 sounds on RWI -  and complete activities on ‘ir’ and ‘ou’ and ‘oy’.

Writing: This week’s activities are based around The Cautious Caterpillar and writing to tell your teacher about yourself. You can hand this to your new teacher at the start of next year or share it when you meet her by video this week.

Spelling: Weekly spelling using cursive handwriting- this week practise the rest of the year 1 words ready for year 2

Maths: Complete the Daily Maths challenges to practise your maths facts, and the number and counting activities. I have set you 10s, 2s, times tables and 5s to practise learning on Times Table Rockstars. Earn coins to change your avatar’s look.


Art-Learn how to draw a self-portrait looking closely at yourself, then using the skills you have learnt draw a portrait of someone else.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you in September

From Mrs Morris, Mrs Taylor and Miss Williams.

Other useful sites for games and learning activities: for additional online maths games for printable activities and teaching resources for online books and curriculum linked activities  OR for curriculum linked games.

Year 2. Week Commencing 13.7.2020


Hello, year 2. This is the final week of year 2! We are completing our learning on LS Lowry and some activities are thinking about the exiting move into the juniors.


·       Reading- A Lowry based reading activity.

·       Writing-Creating a matchstalk character from one of the famous Lowry Artworks and bringing them to life.

·       Spelling – Weekly spelling using cursive handwriting complete learning the year 2 common exception words before moving to year 3.

Maths- Complete the weekly challenge sheet and activities. Practise 2s, 3s, 5s 10s, and 11s using Times Table Rockstars. Complete the number line and arrays activity.

Art- Lowry portrait activity

Getting Ready for Change- Read the Cautious Caterpillar story. The activities are to help you think about change, sometimes a change makes people feel cautious, and sometimes a change can be exciting. Read about how Cody feels in the story and think about what you want to share with your new teacher about how you may be feeling.

I hope you have a wonderful summer, stay safe, take care and I can’t wait to visit you all in your new class in September.

Mrs Morris and Mrs Weldon.