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Nahom tekle
l really miss st philip's ce primary school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nahom Tekle
I used to go to St Philip's CE Primary School but then i moved schools 'cause it was to far . i miss all my teachers miss william
I had the best memories in this school. Can't believe it's already been 8 years since I left, I really miss all the teachers.
I really miss this school it at first I was glad to leave but now I would do anything to go back
HI guys, I'ts malika i miss you all so much i just want to say that my journey in st philips was awesome a BIG thanks to everyone
I am now in year 10 and i still love this school I vividly remember miss jackson mrs jordan tand mr evans thanks for everything
my grandbaby comes here and she adores it tank you all
Im going to miss Mr Evans and Miss Sitiwatjana THE MOST best year 3 teachers ever and best friends EVER