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I used to go to this school and honestly it is the best school ever. All the teachers are very helpful and kind.
Khalid and Salam Gazzaz
Dear all,

We miss everyone at school.
We just wanted to say marry Christmas and happy new year.

Best wishes
Khalid and Salam Gaz
Hello all my teachers!
I miss you loads but I can’t write to you that often. Cause I don’t really have any writing stuff.😢
My 3 boys attend this school and I love the fact that they have such a lovely and welcoming school to spend their days xx
Used to go here love the teachers and lessons are fun :)
I went to this school last year and it was awesome I LOVE ST PHILIPS SCHOOL
I used to go to this school and it was amazing and every day I went was euphoric
I used to be in this school an I love it and this school helped me a lot I love this school an I want to come back