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Miss Kinch
Thank you for all your brilliant comments. Thank you to all the children and their families for their continued support!
I went to this school, my 2 girls attended this school and now my grandsons attend this school. It;s a very very good school
My daughter chose to go to this school when she was 4. Excellent choice.
This was my primary school.Now I am in high school,I realised how much I miss primary school.This is the best primary school ever!
Miss Kinch
Thank you for your feedback, Aura. We are glad to hear that your nephew likes our school!
My nephew goes to the school and he says it is amazing and im thinking about sending one of my children. Thank you!😁
Miss Kinch
What a lovely message - thank you Lilly!
We are really proud of our school!
Lilly Thompson
My niece goes to this school and she told me being at this school is wonderful every day. Thank you for making her Happy st philip