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Hi everyone I was very sad that I had to leave you guys it has been the best 7 years in this school ever and a BIG thanks to u all
Tymoteusz Drzazga
Used to go to this school, not gonna lie it wasn't bad, I do suggest going to this school, thank you for teaching me -Tymoteusz
its crazy how much we change over the years! im now in year 9 and i really thank al my teachers :)
My daughter Megan is LR class she loves going to her school and misses the teachers and her school friends when she not there. 🙂
Hi, omg I miss all the teachers! I used to go this school, I left in 2016 and I'm in year 10. It's crazy how much I miss everyone.
I'm now in year 8 yet I remember the things I used to do here so vividly. Hope your all doing well. I will definitely visit soon.
Sami alrashidi
Hi everyone I missed this school but it was fun while it lasted goodbye for now.
Ann Timperley
My son goes to St Philips. Amazing support in this Pandemic from all the teachers with calls and school work. Thank you stay safe