Year 6 go to Lledr

Day One

After our journey through the villages and mountains of North Wales, we arrived at Lledr Hall to take on our first challenge of the high and low ropes!

We had to work together as a team to complete the course through the mud and treetops. Everyone had a go and encouraged each other to make it! We were so proud of ourselves.

After tea, we headed out into the night to walk up a hill. We put on our warm clothes and head torches and began our ascent. Although a bit dark, we worked as a team to keep each other going and made it to the top.

We got back to a hot drink and a cookie as a reward!

Our first night in our new beds was exciting but after our busy day, we soon fell asleep thinking about the next day's adventures!

Day Two

We began our day, outside in the grounds of Lledr Hall, practising our orienteering skills in preparation for our afternoon adventure. It was going to be a cold but fun challenge!

In the afternoon, we took on the challenge of a mountain walk around a lake. We had to use our team work and leadership skills to guide each other round the paths even in a snowstorm. Although we got cold, we all took it in turns to led and help each other and were rewarded with a hot chocolate.

We spent the evening keeping warm and playing the most exciting game of Bingo... it was a tense game full of exciting moments!

Day Three

Today began with us learning about the environment and planting trees in the grounds of Lledr Hall. Our trees will be there for other children to see in the future. We even saw the trees that the children planted last year!

In the afternoon, we went to the beach - in January! It was a bright, clear day and we had our picnic on the sand. We then went rock scrambling, learnt to skim stones into the sea and rolled down the sand dunes. Some of us collected shells. We even found a Mermaid's Purse - ask the children what these are!

Another day of fun-filled activities ended with a good night's sleep!

Day Four

Today was a different day - we spent it underground!

We visited the mine where we completed lots of challenges and activities, the first bit being the climb to the entrance.

In the mines we climbed a rope wall, rowed across an underground lake and ate our picnics in candlelight in a cave that the miners had dug out. It was very dark! We even walks through an underground waterfall - taking lots of care and encouraging each other. Today we learnt a lot about communication and how to look after each other. What team work!

We know that we are coming home tomorrow and we are all looking forward to telling you more about our adventures!

See you tomorrow!