A letter for Year 6

So this is the week…

So this week you are doing your SATs and you may be feeling nervous about what you might find in the papers this week.

I just wanted to tell you that no matter what… you have worked hard and challenged yourself this year. The tests do not determine your success – the way you face your own challenges determine who you are and the successful person you will be. This is important to remember!

All the staff at St Philip’s are proud of you and feel proud to have been part of helping you to develop and grow as a person. Some of you are musicians, some sports people, some are mathematicians, scientists, authors or teachers! You all have amazing qualities that we recognise in you and that you should recognise in yourselves.

As you tackle this challenge this week – remember…

Don’t get stressed… just do your best!

Remember that you’ve been blessed

With the skills that SATs don’t test!

A poem by Sparky

We are all here to help and support you.

Good luck.

From Miss Kinch and all the staff at St Philip’s.