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As part of our reading initiative, we encouraged all the children to take part in the Summer Reading challenge across local libraries.

Some of our children really enjoyed this challenge and completed it with flying colours so we gave them the opportunity to visit Salford Library Service. Here they were able to choose 250 books to put in to our school library. 

Our prize winners, from a number of different classes, had a fantastic time and enjoyed the responsibility of choosing a range of books for all children across the school.

The books will be available in the school library for all the children to enjoy and read with their families at home and as part of reading for pleasure in school.

We cannot wait for them to be delivered and see what they have chosen!!

 Thank you to the parents and carers who supported their children with their reading over the Summer - it was lovely to have so many children complete this challenge!

Please remember that the library is free to join and provides the children with the opportunity to read lots of different books and styles of writing. We encourage you to join the local library. Information about the local libraries can be found in the main reception including opening times.

You can also click on the link with this page to get access to information about the local libraries and the services that you can access through the library. We will continue to share events with you throughout the year!