Rainbows, rainbows everywhere!

From Joe Wicks exercises to RWI phonics - we are having some busy days in school. 

Key Stage 2 children have even been doing an online science lesson learning about how soap can stop germs. 

On our first day in school, we decided to send a message to everyone from the playground. Have a look at our beautiful rainbow and see if you can see the message we are sending out to you all! 

This week - April 13th - the children have been thinking about Diversity. They used the hall display and the work of Keith Haring to create a celebration of the work of the NHS to look after everyone. The colours of the people represent different emotions and the children chose the shapes and outlines of the movements of the figures. 

We continue to do our morning exercises as well as using our online learning resources. 

Each new set of teachers comes with new activities and ideas for us. 

We have been using our playground a lot in the beautiful sunshine and we are proud to share our messages to the local community! Have a look at our lovely pictures!