Health Week 2018 (25th June - 29th June)

Monday, 25th June - Race 4 Life 

We have had a fantastic day in the sun running our Race 4 Life.

Obstacles have been put down on the playground and we have been jumping, climbing and tunnelling through them – even these obstacles couldn’t stop us from succeeding in running our race for life.  

We have done all of this to raise money for Cancer Research and we know that we have made a difference to the lives of many people. Well done everyone!

Tuesday, 26th June - Golf and Road Safety 

Today the children enjoyed a day of road safety and golf. We all had a great time and just maybe we have the next Masters Champion here at St Philip's!

Wednesday, 27th June - Fencing 


A day of fencing to an extremely high standard. Fencing is a sport of swordplay that gives both a mental and physical workout. 

The children demonstrated physical endurance, agility and good sportsmanship.

Well done!

Thursday, 28th June - Wrestling 

 A fantastic day of wrestling at the British Wrestling Academy...even the teachers joined in!!

Friday, 29th June - Sports Day 

We finish our health week with a brilliant sports day! The children put their skills to the test in a variety of events in the morning. Concluding with races in the afternoon.

The only question remaining is...which house team are the winners?