Have a look...

Have a look at what the children have been doing in school over the past few weeks. They have been amazing and it has been great to have our St Philip's family back together. What a brilliant start to the new term!


We use the Chrome Books to help our learning.

In the playground, we have a special area to play in.



We have been settling in to our new classroom, making new friends, learning about the new resources in the classroom and the routines of school. We have been fantastic!


Year 4

We have been looking at the book ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have been discussing the important people in our lives and how we have come to appreciate all they do for us. Reflecting on this we decided to send a letter to a special person to us thanking them for all they do. Year 4 have also been expanding their vocabulary to describe the sky both during the daytime and night time.

We have been busy but have made time for reflection and mindfulness. Children have had opportunities to discuss how they feel about returning to school and their excitement and apprehension. We have used ‘zentangle art’ to explore pattern and help us relax.



LR1 have been having fun settling back into the new school routine.

After sharing the stories Here We Are and Aliens Love Underpants stories, we have designed leaflets to describe Earth to aliens. We have also written our own friendship recipe poems. ‚Äč

We are enjoying practising our number facts through song and actions.

A fabulous start LR1!


Year 3

Save our Earth – In year 3 we have been thinking about ways we can protect our earth by reducing pollution. We thought of different ways we can help to keep the earth a safe place to live like stopping littering, recycling and reducing the amount of time we spend on transport.

Ying and Yang
As we have all spent a lot of time out of school, we have been thinking about any worries we had coming back to school and also the positives like being able to see our friends again. We have discussed any worries and thought of ways we can help and support each other.

The worry monster.
The worry monster shows his feelings in colours.
Yellow = happy
Green = calm
Blue = sad
Black = fear
Pink = love
Red = anger
On the first day of school we thought about how we were feeling and coloured our monsters to reflect this. A lot of people were feeling a bit nervous about being back at school but also happy to be able to see their friends.
On Friday we did the same activity and it was lovely to see that most of the class no longer felt nervous about being in school but felt calm and happy. You can see by how the monsters have been coloured.


Year 2

Year 2 have settled in wonderfully. We have been discussing our feelings and the things that make us feel a certain way. We have been doing work around friendship and how we can still play together while social distancing. We have also been reading the book Here We Are and the children have produced some excellent writing describing Earth to an alien. The children first created mind maps to collate their ideas and then chose an aspect of Earth to do their writing on e.g. animals in the ocean, different types of buildings ect. They then wrote their Guide to Earth for the alien and illustrated it with pencil drawings and collages.



Nursery have been settling into St Philip’s C E school. They have been learning all about school life and are working on making new friendships in Nursery class. Well done Nursery!