‘A book in a box!'

The new reading competition closed on Wednesday 22nd May.

Each child who entered chose a book to recreate in a box using different materials. Children were able to draw, paint, build and bring their book to life in any way they wanted. There was a prize for the overall winner and children really used their  imaginations to produce some amazing designs!  We were so proud of what they produced... and it was a very difficult decision!

Miss Davis and a team of staff members chose the winners and here are the results...

"Well done to everyone who took part in the 'Book in the Box' competition. All of the entries were fantastic and it was a difficult decision to decide on the winners, as everyone could have been!"

KS1 winner- Hyab                                                                                                                                    KS1 runner up children-   Ivy-Rose and Finley

KS2 winner- Aron                                                                                                                                    KS2 runner up children- Libby and Abby             

Keep your eyes peeled for the next competition.